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Custom Make Dresses

Sometimes you see a wonderful dress / design picture, and you like to own one set of it. We are here to make this come true. Just take a picture of it and then email/send to us with the desired material description, and we will custom make it for you. We will also add/remove/modify any desirable/undesirable items in the design that you like to change.

And you may design your own dress too. After you are satisfied with your final design, send it to us and we will make it for you, without extra charge.

We design the highest quality handcrafted gowns for girls/women all around the world. We keep abreast with the latest trends in fashion to offer styles, classic and vogue which reflect a vision of elegance that is every bride's/girl's dream.

Please email us the pictures of the dress and all your requests, such as which color you want, so we can check it and quote for you.

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