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More Info About Modest Prom Dresses

For many beautiful girls today, the prom dresses available in the stores show too much skin. Religious convictions might prevent you from purchasing such a dress, or perhaps your parents or personal shyness makes these dresses off limits. Here are some ideas you can use to make you prom dress more modest, but still stunning.Mix and match: Purchase a long full skirt instead of a prom dress. Instead of the typical halter-top combination, pair it with a long sleeved velvet, satin, or sequined top.Add a sweater:Normally the top half of the prom dress is what makes it risque. You can find a simple button down sweater to wear with it. Purchase a three quarter close fit sweater made of Angora or other soft material. Then replace the standard buttons with antique pearl or gemstone buttons instead. Add a few gems or embellishments to the neckline. Wear your sweater so that a little of the top underneath shows through, especially if it has a high neckline in the front. Add a shrug: The shrug sweaters and jackets of yesteryear are back in style. They are perfect for covering sleeveless or backless dresses. You can find them in denim (for the cool chic in you), knit fabric, or you can have one made in the same fabric as your dress. You can add antique pins to attach it to your dress, or have it sewn to your dress if you wish. FashionOS designs some really cute modest prom dresses and they have some semi-formal, cheap evening gowns and bridesmaid dresses that could also work for homecoming.